Increase employee satisfaction.
Take your employees’ availability and scheduled hours into account to create a better schedule.
Know where to focus.
Shift applications, drafts, unfilled shifts and handover requests all in one place.
Never chase after time reports again.
Worked hours are automatically registered through the time clock.
schedule elements

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Or not really, but you know…

Yes, very.

If you are managing a business and have facebook it will be very easy for you to use.

Maybe…   Ok. Yes!

There will be a desktop version available for those of you who prefer to work on a larger screen.

This is not for you if you like to:
– spend hours trying to understand new software
– deal with delayed or lost time reports
– communicate in many different channels
– double book employees
– be understaffed
– call/text around asking who is available
– find people to cover in urgent situations
– lose contact information
– deal with schedule changes