Why does business software always feel like business software?
Yea, we don’t know either… But it really bothers us!

We believe software should be intuitive and pain-free so that people actually want to use it.

Having been on both sides of a business, as managers and employees, we understand the struggle. Too much time spent on administration means not enough time developing your business – and we want to change that.

With our employee management software we want to make life easier for managers. To in an easy way provide all the control needed, so you don’t have to feel interrupted when issues arise outside regular business hours.

The app-based solution will not only help managers take quick actions on the go, but also help increase workplace flexibility. To consider employees’ wishes is normally more difficult as you grow, but with stam.io you can grow without growing pains.

What’s your talent?

Interested in working with us? Awesome! We know that you are great and we would love to get to know you, your skills and what you are interested in! Send us an email at [email protected]